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New Dutch Views #1, The Netherlands 2018 All images ©Marwan Bassiouni, Courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos – Amsterdam

DDK #42 Paris Photo Special

A new inspiring show of De Donkere Kamer (DDK) will launch at Paris Photo, November 8, from 3.30 pm until 5 pm in Atelier Neérlandais. In collaboration with Fotomuseum Rotterdam, DuPho presents the following guests:

Marwan Bassiouni

Marwan is nominated at Paris Photo with his book New Dutch Views in the category The First Photobook Prize of the prestigious Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards.

Popel Coumou

In our section 'Beyond Photography' we present Popel Coumou. Popel builds her own reality by creating collages of photographs, paper, clay and many other materials. The pieces are carefully lit from the back and captured with an analogue camera, giving it a third dimension. Her work floats between reality and fiction, photography and painting. 

Carlijn Jacobs

Carlijn Jacobs is our guest in the Tips &Tricks column of the evening. Via a friendly crossfire interview we will hear all about her succes and failures, getting to know her tips and tricks! Carlijn is a Dutch fashion photographer / director based between Paris and London.

Somfy photography award

We have a premiere! The second edition of the Somfy photography award is now in permanent partnership with het Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam. The 8 shortlisted top photographers will be announced during the show!!

Basje Boer

Basje takes care of our recurring section 'live image column' with provocative views


And the regular feature of the program is ‘the pitch’.

Three talented photographers will get the chance to pitch their project in three minutes to live crowd-fund. The audience can choose their favorite project by donating a coin. There is a fee available, kindly offered by DuPho/Pictoright, that can be divided amongst. The pitchers are: Corine AalvangerLotte Bronsgeest & Geert Broertjes,  Reinier Gerritsen

You are invited to join DDK!
Free admission
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Datum: 8 November 2019
Tijd: 15:30 - 17:00
Anne Ruygt and Marc Prüst
Locatie : Atelier Neérlandais, 121 Rue de Lille
Prijs: Free admission - registration required
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